31st May
2nd November
The Laura Ashley blog is live! Check it out here
29th October

St Ives is a fascinating place to live and uncovering the many incredible people who have lived and worked in this small fishing village over the years is a journey I'm slowly embarking on. I emphasise the word slowly as having now lived here for almost two years I have only just discovered the Leach Pottery. I have passed it on the way out of town many times and re-stuck that mental note to visit in my head each time, but not until a rainy unplanned day in October did the note alert me and implore me to venture out to what I can only say was a truly inspiring experience.

Founded in 1920 the pottery is now a museum celebrating the life of co-founder Bernard Leach, a world renowned figure of 20th century art and pioneer of studio pottery. The studio houses a traditional three-chamber Japanese wood burning (although late converted to oil) climbing kiln, which I believe was the first of it's kind in the West. Imagining the kilns fully stacked and fired up, so to speak, ensued a great sense of wonderment at the scale of the operation which was happening here at the time. After the second world war consumer demand for Leach pottery Standard Ware boomed and was in high-demand from retailers such as Heal's, Peter Jones, John Lewis, and Liberty. You can still purchase beautiful examples of Standard Ware in the gallery shop and I would thoroughly recommend a visit.

25th October
Quite often a client meeting involves a trip to London, however in the case of Laura Ashley the lovely Social Media Manager Kate Allchin came to us! I say us, as in this case I am working with my partner Matt Sephton who is a web developer supremo (biased, moi?) to design and build a new blog for the brand. Launching in the next few days, a bit of Wordpress training was in order and a catch up over lunch at Tate St Ives (well, it would be rude not to).
11th October
I attended the opening of Carbis Bay Holidays new office where my life size trompe-l'oeil illustrations adorn the entrance hallway walls. The illustrations were commissioned by St Austell based agency Leap and I finally got to meet their creative director Matt Hocking after many an email who was also in attendance. It was great to do a bit of local networking and Matt spoke of some very inspiring projects they have in the pipeline, not least the creation of an open creative studio space in a 300 year old St Austell Market House.
1st September
A quick day trip to London to meet with the Mulberry Marketing team about an upcoming project at their gorgeous new offices in Kensington. I also took a trip to the South Bank beach which is part of the Festival of Britain's 60th anniversary celebrations. The banks of the Thames were transformed into a seaside scene complete with sand, beach huts, deck chairs, a giant seagull and even that well known beach favourite croquet! With the sun shining in a rare display of summer behaviour I almost forgot where I was, especially when entering one of the 14 artist commissioned beach huts displaying scenes and photographs from St Ives. Popping north of the river I even managed to get a quick glimpse of a couple of exhibitions showing at Somerset House; Mike Smith, Pictures of Musicians, 1987 - 2011 and Sitting & Looking.
11th-29th July
London bound! Headed to my old home town for a spot of in-house freelancing at The Fairtrade Foundation. I have previously worked for the company remotely but this particular project required me to be on-site and readily available to liaise with the project team. So I packed my bags and boarded the Cornish Riviera, waving goodbye to the golden sands of the Cornwall and looking forward to some summer city living. My initial two week contract was extended for a further week which gave me a great opportunity to really get to know the company and develop an understanding of the fantastic work they carry out.
10th June
New website launched!
27–30th May
Instant Exposure exhibition in St Ives, Cornwall
7th February

Gocco Heart Boat Card for sale just in time for Valentines day!

I finally got round to testing out my newest gadget, the amazing Print Gocco. Print Gocco is a Japanese colour screenprinting system invented in 1977 by Noboru Hayama. The self contained unit resembles a toy and is pretty simple and fun to use.

Now sadly no more, due to Riso the makers of Gocco ending production, they are pretty hard to come by and supplies are in high demand. I have to admit I was fairly apprehensive about using it as screens and bulbs can only be used once and I only had two of each! However, I am glad to report that it was very easy to use (despite the instructions being in Japanese) and a lot of fun. The process begins by creating a carbon based copy of your design which is then exposed onto the master screen using flash bulbs.

I managed to print over 100 impressions, some of which I made into greetings cards and others into nautical bunting.

Check out more Gocco prints on Flickr

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